Zentropa graphic novel

Two space explorers try and figure out whats happening to there planet as odd organic growths begin appearing everywhere.

Is this a biological attack from another race or something coming from within there own planet?

As the story evolves, invasions and war break out, as these explorers try and figure out what this all means… why is there world crumbling around them?

This is in the tradition of the old Heavy Metal comic stories, where you think you know whats going on, then the stories take these unexpected twists and turns… leaving the viewer to ponder and come up there own conclusion of what they just witnessed.

Something like visual poetry. This is why I decided not to include any word bubbles or panel descriptions.

When I was growing up I would just stare at a single page of a Marvel Comic and imagine the characters in these wild surreal scenarios.

I wanted to try and give this sensation to a new audience. So this comic is a bit experimental. I hope to let the audience come up with a concrete story in there own mind.

Afterwords we hope create a website where people can upload stories of what they this think this all means.

People from different parts of the world can share in collaborations of what this story means to them.

We are prepping the Kickstarter campaign now.

More info on the book will be posted here: facebook.com/john.mahoney1


A 108 page hard cover book.